Thursday, September 24, 2009

Always Something New

Hi, Folks!
    As you may have read in my Etsy profile, I like variety, and I'm always changing up the mix.  We are currently making a new line of ceramics for sale locally (not allowed on Etsy...water pipes for smoking tobacco.)  It is an adaptation of an existing product, but gives us a new line.

    These, along with my Xmas decor items and Western themed items I enjoy the most, as I like seeing a piece through to the finished product.  Our wholesale line is far more extensive, ranging from dinner plates to piggy banks, vases, figurines and much more....but those, we see only through the cleaning and first firing, then they are 'outta here,' and we never see them at any stage more than plain white bisque...rather boring.

    I'm getting ready to pop out a whole new line of items, not ceramics, so keep your eyes peeled for my new Holiday offerings.  I'm excited! 

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