Friday, September 18, 2009

Ceramic Ornaments

Ok--bear with me--I'm still trying to learn how this 'insert picture' function works, and for me, it doesn't always work very smoothly...and the pictures don't come out spaced as I'd like them within the text, and the captions won't behave, either...But, here goes:

Some of my little mice fellows:  (I call these collectively, "The Mousechief Crew")

Then, there are the other animals...all are carousel style:  some are hung from a molded-in loop and ribbon or gold thread.  These can be hung directly on the tree, or from an optional brass stand for tabletop display. Some are actual carousel type, complete with pole. 

And there you have it.   The second of the two giraffes pictured is a "simple elegance" 24k gold-on-white, while the first one is more "realistically" painted.  Nonetheless, they are all "carousel animals," and as such, are painted in somewhat whimsical colors and with very colorful and bright trappings.

These Christmas ornaments will soon be making their way into my Etsy shop.  One of my tigers and a giraffe are already there.   Oh, and did I mention?  The giraffe found its way into a Treasury!  Woo Hoo!

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