Saturday, January 2, 2010


Hello, again!

    Today, I'll go into a small discourse on our clock production.  We have a wide variety of styles and sizes, ranging from very modern to classical, and from small desk-top mini clocks and executive pen sets, all the way up to grandmother curio-cabinet clocks.

   We manufacture all of the wood components ourselves, starting with the raw wood, as described in yesterday's post.  The only purchased parts are the clock motors, faces and bezels themselves, glass, mirrors and pen accessories.

  We have (or rather, my husband's family, years back) designed all of the styles ourselves.  Hubby and I do come up with our own new ideas, as well. 

   When available, we like to incorporate as much recycled material as possible.  This is usually with glass or mirror components found on our classical-styled wall clocks and our curio cabinet clocks. 

    Sometimes we are lucky enough to find used wood.  99% of the time, we prefer to use hardwoods, but now and then, an opportunity comes up that is too good to pass up.  This happened recently, when someone was replacing a fence, and we were able to salvage the old redwood fence boards.  Redwood is very soft--you can gouge it with your fingernail, but it does come up a very beautiful color, all on its own with no stain needed.

    All we have to do is go over each board VERY carefully and throughly with both a visual inspection and a magnet, to find and remove any stray nails, screws or staples that could damage the tools (or us!).  Once that is done, we proceed to run it through the planer to smooth out the boards, and restore them to 'like new' appearance....just as if we were starting with raw, new wood, as per yesterday's post.

   In the back of my mind, I am designing some new ideas that will combine our clocks with our ceramics, for a whole new approach and product.  I already have one of these in production;  you may have seen it on my Etsy store site.  (I've provided this link to the listing, because I cannot find the original photo.  I'll have to re-take it.  Curses!)

  More designs are still "cooking."  Keep your eyes peeled!



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