Sunday, March 14, 2010

Today, not crafty--just helping out a friend.


  Thanks for stopping by.  Today, rather than write about crafts, I am trying to help out one of my Etsy buddies.  Her daughter is facing very serious surgery, and I'm sending you to her blog, ( click HERE ) for the full details.

  In a nutshell, she'd like to arrange for her daughter to receive a flood of postcards from all over the world while she is in the hospital following the surgery.

   She is not asking for any money or anything else..just the postcards. 
   I normally do not get involved in passing around 'sad stories' that I get via e-mail or see posted on FaceBook or anywhere, as 99% of the time, they are scams.  This time, however, the individual is known to me, the facts can be verified, and I am comfortable in assisting her with this request.

  Feel free to re-post this, and please, reference your original source, so it does not get tossed aside and discounted as 'another one of these fake sick kid stories.'  Thank you!

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